We've partnered with Raffle Tickets 4U to make holding a raffle easier for our Scout Groups.

Raffle Tickets 4U are proud to be the official partner supplier of raffle tickets to Scout groups across the nation.  Our aim is to supply high quality products as well as share our knowledge and experience of successful fundraising to help make it easy, simple and enjoyable to raise money for Scout groups.

Discount for Scout Groups

Every penny counts when you’re trying to raise money for a cause, so we are offering all Scout groups 10% off every purchase of raffle tickets. Use the code SCOUT10 at the checkout to receive your discount. Click here to go to Raffle Tickets 4U to start your order.

Additional Resources

The aim of fundraising is to raise as much money as you can for your chosen cause; this is why we have set up a fundraising blog to help you make the most for your raffle and fundraising events. From top tips, inspirations and legal advice, our blog has all the information and support you’ll need for success.

You can also sign up to our monthly fundraising newsletter for exclusive tips, ideas and advice straight to your inbox! We will also remind you of your discount code so you can always save money on your fundraising initiatives.

Share your success and your event photographs on our Twitter and Facebook pages using the hashtag #ScoutRaffle

About Raffle Tickets 4U

Raffle Tickets 4U prints over 15 million raffle tickets annually, supplying the UK with a easy and cost-effective way to fundraise.

All the printing is produced at their factory in Romsey, Hampshire by their dedicated team of experienced, traditional printers. The Raffle Tickets 4U team take pride in their printing service and take great pleasure in the advice they share and the part they play in fundraising for local and national organisations.

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